Hamburger Cupcakes with salad and ketchup

Hamburger Cupcakes – Step by Step (page 2)

Make fresh salad

Make the salad itself? Sure, if it consists of fondant icing. For our salad, we take green fondant. You can buy ready one or color it with food coloring. I have used convenience finished green fondant.

Roll the fondant out thinly.

I found, that the salad looked yet to smooth and boring and fondant tastes only sweet. So I green inked a few coconut flakes with food coloring and sprinkled over the fondant. Take a few uncolored coconut flakes aside, we will need them later.


Again firmly roll the whole thing.

Using a round cookie cutter or a knife to cut the salad leaves out.

In the meantime, the dough was ready. With same cookie cutter, I have cut out the dark dough for the meat. I took out the now also finished rolls of the shape and just cut them in half.

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  1. Hamburger Cupcakes – Step by Step
  2. Make fresh salad
  3. Assemble cute mini hamburgers

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