Hamburger Cupcakes with salad and ketchup

Hamburger Cupcakes – Step by Step (page 3)

Assemble cute mini hamburgers

When you now put everything together and brings the lettuce leaf in shape by fraying the edges a little bit, it looks almost like a hamburger cupcake.

For the ketchup I just took red fondant from the tube. Again, you can color white fondant or use finished fondant.

The Hamburger Cupcakes are done now, but something is still missing. Course, the sesame seeds on the bun.

Sesame seeds on top

Now we need the rest of the coconut flakes. I just gave the coconut flakes in a pan for the sesame seeds and short roasted, which gives a wonderful taste, and also it looks very similar to real sesame seeds.

Thus to keep the sesame seeds on the Hamburger Cupcakes, simply coat the bread with a little water and sprinkle the coconut flakes on it. By the sugar in the dough the flakes will stick after drying.


Finally fix the Hamburger Cupcakes with toothpicks. Done! – Have fun baking itself!

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"Hamburger Cupcakes – Step by Step" table of contents

  1. Hamburger Cupcakes – Step by Step
  2. Make fresh salad
  3. Assemble cute mini hamburgers

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